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© Eugen Gebhardt
  • University studies in paedagogy and sports sciences, University of Zurich; followed by teaching positions, 1970-1973
  • Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Switzerland, 1975-1978 (Szilard Sekely: Acrobatics, Richard Weber: Pantomime, Denis Carey: Modern Dance, Jean-Martin Moncéro: Improvisation)
  • Theater Festival Berlin, with Compagnia Teatro Dimitri, 1978
  • Stadttheater (City Theater) Basel, 1979
  • Circo Pierino, inaugural solo theater program, Komödie Basel, 1979
  • Circus Nock, Switzerland, 1980
  • Austrian National Circus E. Jacobi-Althoff, 1981
  • Grand Variété Saltarino, Holland, 1982
  • Circus Krone, Germany, 1983-1999
  • Hansa Theater, Hamburg, Variété, 1982, 1987, 1998 and 2000
  • Circus Nock, Switzerland, 2001
  • Circus Conelli, Zurich, 2000 and 2003
  • Stadttheater (City Theater) Erlangen, Germany, Beggar’s Opera by John Gay, as actor, musician and artist, 2002
  • Esplanade, Saint-Étienne, France, Le Chapeau sur la pointe de l’étoile, 2003
  • Wereld Sterren Circus Arnhem, 2003
  • Theater program Zweier Circus, 2004, director and scenic concept: Irma Paulis
  • Kerstcircus Ahoy-Hall, Rotterdam, 2008-2010
  • Theater program Ich liebe Dir, 2011, director and scenic concept: Irma Paulis
  • Dinner Theater Café oh jeh!, 2010, director and scenic concept: Irma Paulis
  • The smallest theater in the world Zauberzimmer, 2016, directed by Martin Lesßmann
  • The smallest theater in the world Mirakolo, 2017, directed by Martin Lesßmann
  • Swiss magic moments by Olga and Pierino, 2018
  • Variété Silencium Crescendo, 2018, directed by Martin Leßmann

Winner of Multiple Awards

  • 1. Prize Festival of Humor, Prague, 1981
  • Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris, 1981, award winner
  • Oscar-Carré-Trophy, Amsterdam, 1982
  • International Circus Festival, Monte Carlo, 1987, award winner

Guest Appearances

Stadttheater (City Theater) Basel, Stadttheater (City Theater) Erlangen, Theater Esplanade Saint-Etienne, State Theater of Mecklenburg Schwerin, Schafhof Festival for UNICEF, Bremer Shakespeare Company, Theater Erfurt, Grosses Haus, Theater Putbus, Hoftheater (Court Theater) Dehnberg… and in the cities Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Brussels, Luxembourg, Nussbaumen, and others.

Special Guest Appearances

In hospitals, churches, prisons, open-air, walk-acts, accompaniment in church services on various topics.