Press Clippings

«A performance by Olga and Pierino is without equal…»
Nordbayerische Nachrichte (newspaper)«Theater of international standard…»
Osnabrücker Zeitung (newspaper)

«An evening that brings back memories of the child within me, a quiet, peaceful, a very personal evening…»
Basler Zeitung (newspaper)

«A whole hour of magical solo performance…»
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, (newspaper), Heidelberg

«The poetical effect of color, form, and movement is bigger and more significant in his performance than the newest sensation…»
Stuttgarter Zeitung (newspaper)

«A pantomime performance full of quiet poetry.. the look on their faces is almost reverent…»
Süddeutsche Zeitung (newspaper)

«Pierino wins over his audience in a different way, with quiet humor, simple pictures and little stories told without words…»
Frankfurter Allgemeine (newspaper)

«His poetical performance is Pierino’s precious present to his audience, he touches them, he makes them dream, laugh, and cry at the same time …»
Die Welt – Bremen Feuilleton (newspaper)

«Zweier Zirkus… unique, brilliant…»
Aargauer Zeitung (Swiss newspaper)

«The simple becomes visible. …because the eye is first captivated by the colors of the costumes, the shape of the props, and the beauty of the movement. one stops thinking and starts feeling, seeing, and listening…»
Fränkischer Tag (newspaper)