harleKINO with Pierino

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© Eugen Gebhardt

A look back with happiness!

Pierino, the timeless artist of soft tones, tells from his life. On a journey through time with words, sounds and astonishing deeds, memory images circle the audience — in search of what was really important, what is especially significant: Beauty? The incomprehensible? The playing? Or just luck?

He was called Pierino and they called him a magical clown. And he was and is probably that, the eternal amazement — also about how the audience sees him and what it thinks of him.

Diligence, luck and creativity have carried him to one of the largest circuses in the world. As a poetic counterpoint to the great sensations, as a wordless, visually powerful guardian angel for artists and spectators.

Yes, as an artist of visual contrasts, who combines the maximum and the minimum and makes them vibrate: Outbidding humming tops, floating giant balloons, crazy juggling and minimalistic magic tricks with a great effect.

Since the legendary encounter with the dancer Olga from distant Vladivostok, they have been turning, jumping, going together, taking unusual schoolchildren into magical realms, transforming the world between two-person circus, magic room, café oh yeah!

This is small, very big cinema – a look back with happiness.

Solo piece with: Pierino
Duration: 70 minutes

Set design: Peter and Inge Steineke, Kay Schmitz, Stefan Hössle, Frauke Lehmann, Uta Dietze
Film editing: Kerstin Röhl
Costumes: Inge Steineke
Director: Martin Leßmann
World premiere: July 2020 Bremen