Hat at the Tip of the Star

© Wanda Zacharias
© Wanda Zacharias

Things come to life, a giant accordion contorts and dances until it is tired, exhausted it folds in on itself, from inside Pierino emerges with a small concertina and so he and the tune disappear along with the story.

Whether it is silent, magical hoops gliding, inexplicably, in and out of each other, whether signing tops, the dancing goose Flori, the little dog Lilli — they are gestures of poetry, of gentleness, of loving attention, creating still sounds in our loud world. There is the hippo that would like to tap-dance. Pausing for a moment turns into a feeling of happiness, wonder into joy.

In contrast to the relentlessly noisy, day-to-day experience, Olga and Pierino tap into dreams and fantasies, into feelings which are fundamental human impulses, and sources of creativity.


Staging: Olga & Pierino
Costumes: Wanda Zacharias, Studio Marabout, Maria Hössle
Props: Stefan Hössle, Frauke Lehmann, Jutta Nitschke, Sophie Hössle, Maria Wipplinger-Lehmann
Set design: Wanda Zacharias
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis