Dance and Theater Workshops

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© Eugen Gebhardt

«Without many words Pierino and Olga are able to cater to each participant individually. Their peacefulness and human warmth draws people to them immediately. Their skill is also convincing. They design the backdrop to their courses with props taken from their performances, which are enchanting on every occasion. They can be easily set up in any large area. At the completion of the courses they regularly develop a joint program with the course participants, which is performed in public.» P. St.

Possible focus areas: Improvisation — Circus — Juggling — Step dance — Russian dance for children and adults

«Why don’t you become a dancer»

This is the reply Rudolf Steiner gave to people who had asked advice of him regarding support for children with a variety of developmental delays. During the same event, a remedial teaching course, he talked emphatically of the importance and effectiveness of developing dexterity with the hands and especially with the feet.

Dance and theater workshops for people with disabilities, in social problem areas, in educational institutions, receiving psychiatric treatment, in prison, in facilities for the deaf, for children, young people, and adults!