Ich liebe Dir

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© Wanda Zacharias

(Me love you)

A turbulent tale of love and other plagues acted and danced by Olga and Pierino. The delicate creature, flexible, long-legged, light like a feather: Olga, the dancer. The slender wisp, acrobatic, nimble, weightless: Pierino. The poetic tales conjure a carefree smile on the spectator’s faces. Children’s arms are stretching up, everyone wants to catch a bit of this infinite lightness of being.

“To make the intangible visible… First, the eye is captivated by the colors of the costumes, the shape of the props and the beauty of the movement. You do not think, you feel, see and hear…”


Dance — Music — Music-Hall — Acrobatics — Clowning

“An enchanting show”

For the whole family from 4–104!


Director and scenic concept: Irmgard Paulis
Choreography: Joachim Ahne, Olga Gaman
Equipment: Stefan Hössle, Frauke Lehman, Jutta Nitschke, HATS ON STAGE
Costumes: Inge Steineke
Set design: Prof. Peter Steineke
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis