The “Gustowia Pierinotti” circus only for animals

Honoured audience …


“Circus only for animals” — I have a request to you. Do not fall for a false illusion!

You will soon see young, joyful and bizarre creatures, from Kransdorf from the Island Club and from Rügen Assistance.


Here you will experience these beings, whose skills and abilities existed before this venue, as on your own stage of life you have already mastered much and also accomplished miracles.


The theatre, the dance and also the circus here are, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful arts to present these special beings in a good light.


You will sometimes see movements that seem strange to you. You would never move like this! But that does not mean that these movements, which have been truly conceived and executed, do not have the same justification as mine, yours, or his…


You will also see a very young and lively troupe from Gustow and also very tiny, petite, beautiful beings who live in a large house on the outermost edge of their village.


All and really all or them have created something precious in such a short time, which may also be invisible to many. All animals were designed by their own beings and made into small works of art on paper and then tailored by real theater people and artfully sewn.


So I ask you one thing: Be kind to yourself. Do not just look with your eyes, look with your heart and make the small miracles possible.


And if these beings continue to practice so diligently, joyfully and bravely, in a few years they will do flips over their heads and stage a tap dance, the Town Hall will shake and tremble, and your only fire engine will rush on its own…


Have fun — Olga and Pierino

The gold palace

Magic or just hocus-pocus?

With a bird cage which can stand on a palm and only measures a height of 10cm, something cannot be correct! So it is not normal and is there such a small bird? So is it a birdcage at all, or is it more like a miniature palace for completely different spirits?

Anyone who starts to think this way will not be so surprised when this gold palace cage behaves strangely, because its door opens and closes itself as if by magic, and you cannot make out anything and nobody for this event seems responsible.

That cannot be, here there must be a hollow magic! Or does the little palace of golden columns on a black background possibly contain real magic?

With a lot of time, dedication, attention to detail and enjoyment of the beautiful things, the gem is made up of 60 single, 0.7mm to 1.3mm thin, artfully curved and gilded brass rods anchored in a 7mm thin ebony floor and three spanned tires are made. Its small door is hardly different from the other bars, as the fine pattern of round and oval elements on every other bar is identical everywhere and all the bars are the same in thickness and color.

Nothing turns, buzzes, crackles or squeaks suspiciously when it happens. The door beats, as if by magic, just on and eventually closed again.

Driven by curiosity, carefully turned in the hand and looked at the underside, one can only see the circle of the 60 fine rods, which extend like pillars in a foundation down to the very bottom and a fine edge on which the small palace can safely stand.

So it remains a mystery who, when, how and why someone opens and closes this little palace.


Stephan Weiß

Am See 19
24259 Westensee

Tel.: 04305 997830-7 / Fax: -9

Summer night and day dream

Play with dolls and people of all sizes 

14 & 15 July 2018, in Saalkow/Rügen

The first project of the association “Cultural Property Saalkow” is diverse: circus project, puppetry, installations. Professional leaders bring together people from very different origins — children from the day care center in Gustow, children from Jonaschule Stralsund, people with disabilities and students from the regional school of Garz — in creative work in a fourteen-day workshop in Saalkow.

Kulturgut Saalkow
18574 Gustow OT Saalkow
Kontakt: 038307-419732

Admission is free.
On offer: drinks and grill.

Saturday 14 July at 8 p.m.

playing flunkier productions: »The Bestiary of Emotions«, a concert theater with puppets.

Afterwards get together in the illuminated park around the installations of the 14-day workshop and jazz music: with Ignaz Dinné & Julia Czerniawska.

Sunday 15 July at 11 a.m.


The participants of the workshop demonstrate the circuit through the park, guided by the flunker productions.

Afterwards: circus theater with Olga & Pierino.

Click here to download PDF brochure (in German)



Pierino: studied at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland; for sixteen years he was “the enchanting clown” at the circus Krone, and winner of several awards. He now has his own programs with Olga all over Europe.

Olga: dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, educated in Petersburg. On Rügen we were able to see her in the theater in Putbus, in the stables, and in Saalkow with the coffee house scenes and in her empathetic work with people with handicaps.

The “flunkerproduktionen” are Claudia Engel and Matthias Ludwig; Puppetry games were both studied at the College of Acting Ernst Busch, Berlin; based in Brandenburg, traveling in Germany and Europe, 15 productions to choose from; Every two years, they perform the “Kulturblüten-Festival” in Brandenburg.

Ignaz Dinné: jazz saxophonist, son of jazz trombonist Ed Kroeger, was a member of the Federal Jazz Orchestra, studied at the Berkeley College of Music, Boston and the Thelonious Monk Institute, international tours with renowned jazz musicians, own formations, lives and works in Berlin and New York.

Julia Czerniawska: violinist, training in Poland and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, member of the orchestra of the Nationaltheater, Mannheim; Studied improvisation with Didier Lockwood, Paris.

Inge Steineke: studies at the HdK Berlin, art teacher, illustrator, costume designer; she designed all the costumes for Olga & Pierino.

Peter Steineke: studied stage design and art education at the HdK Berlin, director of the moks-Theater Bremen, 1983-2012 professorship at the University of Osnabrück.

Swiss Magic Moments

Truely swissy from 18 January to 03 February 2018 — Ox-Scheune, Im Weiler 7, 74821 Mosbach-Nüstenbach,

Night of freedom

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© Joachim Storch

The “Day of German Unity”, of the Night of Freedom, October 3, 2017, Mainz.