Our Artists

Irma Paulis, direction and scenic concepts for Zweier Circus, Café oh jeh!, Ich liebe Dir, circus acts, theater-director, Theater am Goetheplatz Bremen, Komische Oper Berlin and others

Olga Gaman, choreography

Joachim Ahne, Palucca School, choreography

Jacob ter Veldhuis, famous contemporary composer from Holland, has been writing specifically for Olga and Pierino for 25 years.

Gerie Daanen, bayan and accordion

Stephan Kraus, jazz, composition of circus music

Bo van de Graaf, great Dutch tango specialist

Olaf Dankert, sound editor

Martin Lessman, director of crime scene in Café oh jeh!

Marianne Pfeiffer, writes wonderful texts 

Markus Durst, accordion


Set Construction and Props

Prof. Peter Steineke , planning and design of objects and stage design Zweier Circus, Café oh jeh!, Ich liebe Dir, circus acts

Stefan Hössle, master carpenter, builder of countless unique objects for Olga and Pierino for theater, variété and circus

Frauke Lehmann, sculptor, created large set objects for Pierino at Circus Krone in cooperation with Stefan Hössle

Sebastian Heinsdorff,sculptor

Hermann Drummer, inventor, artist of light and life

Erhard Dapper/Dieter Förster, decor, Mockstheater Bremen

Carsten Mohr

Mel Myland, marionettes, Pierino playing the little diabolo.

Prof. Erhard Hössle, builder of the giant butterfly for Pierino

Mike Schwab/Roland Säckl, specialists in electronics and other secrets

Jürgen Lehr, master carpenter and shipwright on Rügen

Sophie Hössle, sculptor

Gabriel Baumüller, sculptor

Jutta Nitschke

G. Puchinger, illusions



Inge Steineke, costume maker, illustrator, costume design for Zweier Circus, Café oh jeh!, Ich liebe Dir, circus acts

Uta Dietze, wardrobe mistress, master men’s tailor

Gisela Dahlbeck, wardrobe mistress

Silke Hermann, wardrobe mistress, Theater Erfurt

Maria Lehman-Wipplinger, Switzerland, design and realization of Pierino’s hat

Maria Hössle, textile design, costumes

Wanda Zacharias, object and costume design Circus Krone, developed many performance scenes in collaboration with Pierino

Studio Marabout, Monika Heuberger and Sandra Jürgens, masks and costumes for theater, musicals, artists, commercials and shows-events

Kay Schmitz and Marcus Pick, hats and accessories for theater, shows, film, musicals, opera and circus, hats for Olga and Pierino


Musical Instruments

Walter and Werner Spiri, creator of the giant trumpet

Ingrid Böll-Roberts, woodwind instruments

Akkordeon Pfister, accordion experts



Eugen Gebhardt, freelance photographer since 1980, expert in recording action packed themes and moods

Vreni Arbes, subtle observer and creative brain, portraits of artists and dancers

Wanda Zacharias, circus expert, countless photos of Pierino at Circus Krone

Lena Möhler, freelance journalist

Jessen Oestergaard

Stefan Nolte

Dirk Weyer, clown’s photo book



Boldset, Website Design, Information Architecture and CMS (Ursula Held, Michel Quinternet and David Millner), in collaboration with Jutta Nitschke

Elisabeth Kissel of Brisbane Australia, through I-can-Localize, translation of website from German to English


Graphic Design

Jutta Virus Grafikdesign, posters for Olga and Pierino

Katja Prechtl Grafikdesign, Mallorca, post cards

Caroline Schrader, graphic design

Boldset, visual identity, website, graphic design


More Links

Circus Dream

Angelika Hofer, biologist and author, geese’s mother/Günther Ziesler, well-traveled animal photographer

Thea Schnering, actress and singer

Susanne Schossig, artist

Kleintheatervereinigung (small theater association), your online events calender with background information about the theater and dance scene in Switzerland

Stefan Kügel, puppeteer

Uli Pickl, master chef from Allgäu

Clown Family

Circus pedagogy

Claudius Beck

Circus Krone

Havanese, Umi, the new little dog

Sebastian Lau, fantastic teller of fairy stories

Heil-und Erziehungsinstitut für seelen-pflegebedürftige Kinder (Institute for healing and educating children who need care nurture of their souls)

Nicole & Martin

Heidelore Kluge, author, freelance journalist

Sara Piljic, The Voice women’s power band

Stefan Kügel, puppeteer

Kultur Formen Hartheim - Giuseppe, the original in Fussen, the best ice cream in the Allgäu


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