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11./12.3.2023Die “Vier Jahreszeiten“
Antonio Vivaldi
Bad NauheimJugendstil-Theater


Dear theatre friends,

yes, we lost all our performances in our smallest theatre in the world.

So we literally stood quite still on the road as travellers.

In November 2020, we received a call from Theater Richthof asking if we would come to play, family to family …?

So we played many performances in this huge wonderful theatre, each time for very few spectators!

Oh, a miracle! And since May 2021 we have been responsible for dance and theatre work in this Richthof living community,
for the splashes of colour.

Many small and very small plays have been created since then. But our life remains a high-wire act in lofty heights.

Der Richthof is a place of deep humanity.