Book Quotes

«In 1983, Circus Krone ‘happens’ to get lucky once more: Clown Pierino is here! He is advertised as the ‘magical clown’, and he is truly magical. His acts are full of poetry and exude an air of gentleness and kindness – it cannot really be described, it has to be seen.»
Klaus-Dieter Kürschner, Circus Krone. Von der Menagerie zum grössten Circus Europas, (Circus Krone, From menagerie to the largest circus in Europe), Berlin, 1998

«Pierino is the special type of clown who enacts small, complete works of art. His stories don’t hide riddles and don’t get lost in frantic symbolizations or abstractions. They are understood. Pierino reminds us of the little prince who goes from planet to planet, encountering many strange apparitions with his pure, questioning heart. The little prince thinks those things important, which “seem completely useless to an adult at times”. In doing so, he is closer to truth and the essence of things than they are. Maybe this is the secret of Pierino’s ability to touch people.

The extremes between the very tiny and oversized props create the space in which the clown moves. In dealing with the phenomena of the world both man’s power, and, at the same time, his powerlessness, become obvious; but also the possibility to overcome opposites through loving care, through a willingness to help each other, through taking an interest in the world, and not least, through an insatiable, child-like curiosity. It is the ability of children to never get tired of investigating and wanting to try out everything that makes them so lovable, at the same time this also opens up the world to them. This is what makes things come to life and reveal their secrets. Every day, Pierino explores his toys anew, evolving and developing, until his inner being has found the right way to interact with the outside object.»
Roswitha von dem Borne