Smallest theatre in the world

© Eugen Gebhardt / Vreni ArbesClick for slideshow
© Eugen Gebhardt / Vreni Arbes


The Magic Room!

Step into our smallest theatre in the world — the magic room!

FONDUE FANTASTIQUE — A glamorous bizarre Menu…

…From selected ingredients: magic, entertainment, amazement, listening, enjoying, cosy get-together!

Discover exclusivity round the beauty and poetry of little things! Just eight guests have space in the imaginatively designed trailer that is for and by Olga & Pierino the most amazing stage in the world. In its 12m2 large “magic room” the two kidnap you as cheese and wine into a world where the little at a time is quite large … the easy shows its wonderful side … the daily two hours remains outside … join the dream side of the bubble!

Olga & Pierino have swapped the large ring with the intimacy and cosiness of their colourful pendant. In the tradition of “travelling people” you get where you are, and play where space is. For neighbours and friends, to colleagues and business partners … for small and large, young and old, rich and poor – in short, for all those who have not forgotten how to be amazed.

An evening that will make you forget the everyday life! With music, Swiss cheese fondue and the skilful play of proportions Olga & Pierino whisk you away to your very own universe. Let yourself be enchanted, amazed, feast on — and enjoy the unique atmosphere in the smallest theatre in the world!

“Clowning and Cheese Fondue: Olga and Pierino charm smallest theatre in the world!” — Mü


Costumes: Inge Steineke
Stage design: Prof. Peter Steineke
Director: Martin Leßmann