Der Clown. Geschichte einer Gestalt – The Clown. The Story of a Figure

Text by Roswitha von dem Borne
With a picture documentary about Pierino
by Wanda Zacharias
Foreword by Oleg Popov

Why are we moved by clowns? A clown brings no message, he himself is the message which points us back to ourselves. To discover the secret of this figure, to grasp it in its comprehensive significance, is the content of this book. From ancient times to the present he surfaces again and again among the wise men, fools and saints. Wherever the clown appears in his unintentional purity, he touches and moves hearts.

As a special representative of his craft, we are introduced to the clown Pierino, who enchants his audience with still tones in this loud and fast-moving world. Pierino’s love to even the most inconspicuous things shows us that there is something quintessential, which takes effect in complete silence.

192 pages, 59 of them with 30 colored pict., hardcover
ISBN 3-932386-65-5
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How did the hat get to the top of the start?

Text and illustrations by Inge Steineke, Bremen, 2010,
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