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Pierino’s career starts at Circus Nock in Switzerland, in 1980. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote: “A new clown is discovered it this program. A clown with this new sense of freedom, with this presence — an unusual event in the circus world.”

As a recurring character, and as a counterpoint to the sensational acts, he leads through the program and now has a large repertoire. With his clown character he wrote a piece of circus history and was an attraction at Circus Krone for 16 years.

Provoking associations in the minds of the spectators, Pierino has the ability to move people. This art seems unintentional because it is an art of the heart, without ever becoming sentimental. His artistic genealogy reaches from Debureau to Marcel Marceau and Dimitri, in whose theater school he learnt for 4 years.

Since 1999, he performs with Olga as “Olga and Pierino”. With new projects and various theater programs they present their shows mainly in theater and have also short guest appearances in the circus.

Objects and Props: Stefan Hoessle, Frauke Lehmann, Hermann Drummer, Jutta Nitschke, Maria Hößle
Designs of costumes and objects: Wanda Zacharias, Inge and Peter Steineke
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis
Pierino hat: Maria Wipplinger-Lehmann
Headgear and kite: HATS ON STAGE