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© Inge Steineke

Olga & Pierino in their theatre — the smallest in the world.

Mysterious things happen when an angel takes us by the hand and leads us into a magic box on wheels: We find a lonely Pierino, who, like a poor poet, has retired to his quiet corner.

But when his guardian angel brings him to a curious audience, this helps him to create, with a few strokes, a random creature that moves and speaks to him: Mirakolo.

Mirakolo surprises Pierino and his guardian angel through witty questions and lures the artist from one magical gesture to the next — into a wondrous world where even the smallest things have a soul.

Where the summit of a pyramid always remains on top, as often as it is rotated. Where small dogs miraculously change their dog-house and where flowers re-grow happily. Where numbers of cubes unexplainably re-arrange themselves and the artist goes to magical clairvoyant heights.

Mirakolo is a theater of tangible proximity. A piece with a few words, unusual sounds and surprising enchantment, full of stories and philosophical insights. A quiet piece.

Circus theater in the smallest space.

Duration: 40 minutes
Seats: maximum 12
For all from 5 to 105

Equipment: Peter Steineke and Jürgen Lehr
Costumes: Inge Steineke
Director: Martin Leßmann
Premiere: September 2016 in Kransdorf auf Rügen.