Zweier Circus

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© Eugen Gebhardt

«A picturesque drama comprising dance, music, artistic acts, clownery. Theater of international standard, he is a dreamer and she has to work. This is how the story begins. In the end both are a successful couple on stage. This is how it ends.»
Osnabrücker Zeitung (newspaper)

A performance which makes fantasies visible and makes room for his audience’s deepest longings. In hinted gestures that reconcile opposites, maybe also change the world inside the spectator a little.

He opens his suitcase full of dreams, she is sweeping. He plays on his little violin, she drags scraping bristles across the floor. He beckons with small Pierino, she starts dancing. He woes her, she sweeps his hopes away. He lets his tops sing, she puts the broom aside and helps to turn the top. As opposites and then together they intertwine — full of lightness, peace, and poetry the clown Pierino, mercurial, expressive the dancer Olga. Their performance develops new and well-known stories from their 16 years at Circus Krone to a dense, two-hour program, into a Zweier Circus (circus for two) with exciting surprises and props, enfolding the audience in their little adventures.


Director and scenic concept: Irma Paulis
Choreography: Joachim Ahne, Olga Gaman
Art direction: Stefan Hössle, Frauke Lehmann, Sophie Hössle, Jutta Nitschke, Wanda Zacharias, Maria Hössle, HATS ON STAGE ( headgear)
Costumes: Inge Steineke
Stage design: Prof. Peter Steineke


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