The gold palace

Magic or just hocus-pocus?

With a bird cage which can stand on a palm and only measures a height of 10cm, something cannot be correct! So it is not normal and is there such a small bird? So is it a birdcage at all, or is it more like a miniature palace for completely different spirits?

Anyone who starts to think this way will not be so surprised when this gold palace cage behaves strangely, because its door opens and closes itself as if by magic, and you cannot make out anything and nobody for this event seems responsible.

That cannot be, here there must be a hollow magic! Or does the little palace of golden columns on a black background possibly contain real magic?

With a lot of time, dedication, attention to detail and enjoyment of the beautiful things, the gem is made up of 60 single, 0.7mm to 1.3mm thin, artfully curved and gilded brass rods anchored in a 7mm thin ebony floor and three spanned tires are made. Its small door is hardly different from the other bars, as the fine pattern of round and oval elements on every other bar is identical everywhere and all the bars are the same in thickness and color.

Nothing turns, buzzes, crackles or squeaks suspiciously when it happens. The door beats, as if by magic, just on and eventually closed again.

Driven by curiosity, carefully turned in the hand and looked at the underside, one can only see the circle of the 60 fine rods, which extend like pillars in a foundation down to the very bottom and a fine edge on which the small palace can safely stand.

So it remains a mystery who, when, how and why someone opens and closes this little palace.


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