The “Gustowia Pierinotti” circus only for animals

Honoured audience …


“Circus only for animals” — I have a request to you. Do not fall for a false illusion!

You will soon see young, joyful and bizarre creatures, from Kransdorf from the Island Club and from Rügen Assistance.


Here you will experience these beings, whose skills and abilities existed before this venue, as on your own stage of life you have already mastered much and also accomplished miracles.


The theatre, the dance and also the circus here are, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful arts to present these special beings in a good light.


You will sometimes see movements that seem strange to you. You would never move like this! But that does not mean that these movements, which have been truly conceived and executed, do not have the same justification as mine, yours, or his…


You will also see a very young and lively troupe from Gustow and also very tiny, petite, beautiful beings who live in a large house on the outermost edge of their village.


All and really all or them have created something precious in such a short time, which may also be invisible to many. All animals were designed by their own beings and made into small works of art on paper and then tailored by real theater people and artfully sewn.


So I ask you one thing: Be kind to yourself. Do not just look with your eyes, look with your heart and make the small miracles possible.


And if these beings continue to practice so diligently, joyfully and bravely, in a few years they will do flips over their heads and stage a tap dance, the Town Hall will shake and tremble, and your only fire engine will rush on its own…


Have fun — Olga and Pierino