Series of events for a clowns project

Exhibition “How does the hat get to the tip of the star?”, costumes and illustrations by Inge Steineke.

From 19 August to 22 September 2013, Mon-Fri 8h-18h, at the Gemeinschaftssal des Insel e.V. Kransforf, in Altefähr, in northern Germany.
Tel. +49 151 14518293 —

The Clown Project is a series of events that make the clown and his world come to life: two exhibitions, a two-week workshop and a 4-course meal. While the exhibitions offer space for reflection, the workshop brings people with and without disabilities (clients of Insel e.V. and the kindergarden Gustow) together to jointly try unsuspected abilities.

The workshop is led by Olga and Pierino and closes with the public presentation in which they appear together with all stakeholders. The project ends with a 4-course meal, cooked by Dirk Scheithauer and enchanted by music, dance and acts of Pierino and Olga.

See the exhibition brochure (PDF)