The smallest theatre in the world

From November 2016 we will present our latest production: DINNER THEATRE in the smallest theatre in the world: magic… music… stories…

Hats on Stage

© Lena MöhlerClick for slideshow
© Lena Möhler

At our hat-makers in Bremen, with their newest creations.


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His master´s voice

Tap dance and acrobatics on the rotating disk to music from the 30s.

Gramophone built by Stefan Hössle.

Premiered at the 2014 new year’s eve gala in Füssen.

Beppo, the “Dancing ice ball” and the stilt man

© Helmut H. KroissClick for slideshow
© Helmut H. Kroiss

25 July 2014: In a very special fund-raising event for the association Füssener Tafel, Olga and Pierino went together with Beppo, the Grand Master of the ice balls and his famous ice cream stand, through the city of Füssen. What a whimsical and heart-refreshing sight.

(PS: Beppo is the Grand Master of ice cream scoops.)

A short time back to where it all began… Olga and Pierino

“Over 30 years ago I was for the first time as Pierino in Circus Krone Bau in Munich and then, with such a huge circus, I went on many tours through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. Such a glorious time!

And now… 15 years after our last engagement at Circus Krone, we return to our own theatre tour — to where it all began – now as Olga and Pierino, immersed, amongst many other actors, into this glittering world…”